New Article! Strategic Site Selection – 3 Overlooked Areas To Review

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Have you ever put off doing something you knew needed to be done, even though you had the ability and money for it?  Think exercising, getting a will or going to the dentist (hopefully you have dealt with at least the latter).  In the same way, many study sponsors put off aggregating and utilizing key intelligence on their previously used investigator sites for use in future strategic site selections.  At times, there will be unique reasons for engaging with a certain investigator site or the need to use research-naive sites.  However, if previously used sites will be considered for a new study, it is vital to review some key information for a truly strategic site selection process.  Check out the full article here on Clinical Leader  where we explore some of these key, yet often forgotten, areas.  If you find the information helpful, feel free to share with your site selection and study start-up teams.

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