Happy International Clinical Trials Day, ClinBiz Summit 2020 Update and More!

Happy International Clinical Trials Day!  In honor of International Clinical Trials Day, I invite you to take a check out our CEO’s latest LinkedIn post with a link to a must-have resource for all those involved in clinical research – hint: It is something that aims to protect clinical research’s most valuable asset – the Patient.  Check it out and share with your network, print it out, use as a screen-saver, etc.  No matter what you do with it, remember to always keep it close to you in your everyday clinical trial decisions.

As we have continued to monitor the COVID-19 situation especially as it relates to mass gatherings and travel in the next few months for the state of New Jersey, it looks like we will need to indeed hold our entire ClinBiz Summit 2020 virtually instead of the hybrid conference we usually have (in-person and online attendees).

We will be holding the entire Summit online on September 15-17, 2020.  It will have all the relevant, practical and unique perks of the ClinBiz Summit with a virtual twist, hopefully unlike any other industry conference you have attended thus far.   The virtual ClinBiz Summit 2020 will include all the amazing speakers and presentations, the pre-conference workshops, online networking options (more to come on that), virtual exhibiting of clinical trial vendors and MUCH MORE!  Currently registered attendees should have already received a separate email confirming their access to the virtual summit along with other details.


Below you can find more details on this in-depth live webinar training to ensure your teams are equipped with the latest capabilities to handle data privacy and security for patients within your clinical trials.

Live Webinar Training Objectives
Objectives: (1) Facilitate an internal start-up and start to launch an effective compliance and security response program across the organizations. (2) Examine the challenges posed by the GDPR/Security and the benefits of proactively demonstrating that the organization is compliant with the new requirements.

Who Should Attend
Those from Clinical Trial and Research Industry (Start-up, Biotech, Pharma, e-Health, Diagnostic, MedTech, CROs, Academic, Ect.), member of the GDPR preparation team; Stakeholders in the main areas of data processing (HR, Marketing, Finance, Data Manager, Data Scientists, Data Analysts etc …); Supervisors of the appropriate user teams; IT specialists.

Live Webinar Training Host: Débora S. Araujo, Founder and CEO, ClinBiz
Agenda and Schedule
Tuesday, June 16 9:00 AM EST – 1:00 PM EST
Training session content #1: Data Privacy
Instructors: Barbara Tomasi & Julie Martin, MyData-TRUST

  • Introduction of Data Privacy principles and Personal Data
  • Legal aspects to take into account when collecting healthcare-related data
  • Review of the principles, rights and procedures
  • How to manage patient request
  • Role of the Data Protection Officer
  • Comparison between GDPR and main other international laws (HIPAA, PIPEDA etc.)
  • Rules of international Data Transfers
  • Impacts of Data Privacy for the collect and processing of personal data
  • Key steps to follow for a successful data privacy implementation program
  • Risks and penalties under non-compliance
  • Return on experience through Data Privacy programs for Clinical implementations and mistakes to avoid
  • Questions/Aswers

Thursday, June 18 9:00 AM EST – 1:00 PM EST
Training session content #2: Data Security
Instructors: Xavier Gobert & Vincent Hesse, MyData-TRUST

  • Usual security challenges faced by healthcare organizations
  • Overview of Good security practices
  • How to limit data hacking, protect IT systems and make it “user friendly”
    • Phishing sensibilization
    • Connection to WIFI and security
    • Password strategy and measures to take
    • Sensibilization to good IT hygiene
    • Definition of internal responsibilities
  • Data safety and confidentiality: How to minimize the risk of intrusion and identification
  • How to manage a Data Breach under current data protection law
  • Questions/Answers

The training will be embellished with practical examples and videos.

Certificate of Training Completion
Upon request, a certificate of training completion will be sent by MyData-Trust to registered attendees who attend the live training sessions via the email address used during registration.  Request for the certificate can be sent to info@clinbiz.com.

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