Free Webinar May 19th! Strategies To Accelerate And Optimize Your Biotech’s Financing

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In this collaborative webinar, Leif Kuse, co-founder and CEO of Pharall GmbH will walk you through strategies to accelerate and optimize your biotech’s financing.  In this webinar you will learn how:

  • Biotechs can close their financing rounds quicker and easier with a clever clinical outsourcing strategy

  • Biotechs can reduce capital investment up to 20% and more if they model clinical trial alternatives/scenarios before protocol finalization

  • Biotechs can short their time to clinic if they use the right clinical outsourcing process, and hit milestones faster 

Join us on May 19th at 11 AM EST

About the Presenter

Leif Kuse is co-founder and CEO of Pharall GmbH, the world’s first group purchasing organization for clinical trial services. Leif has two decades business experience in the field of clinical outsourcing including: vendor management, budgeting & project controlling for biotech companies, CROs and the pharmaceutical industry. He has successfully implemented diverse governance models for big pharma companies and managed numerous partnerships between CROs and Pharma companies. Former Head of Purchasing at Fresenius Biotech, Germany, Leif has also held investment management positions at different venture capital funds after finishing his academic studies in business administration and law.  

This webinar is brought to you by ClinBiz in collaboration with Strategikon Pharma. 

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