Addressing Clinical Trial Agreement (CTA) Delays – Part 1

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According to a 2016 SCRS survey, the average time to execute a clinical trial agreement (CTA) is around 10 weeks for North America and around 13 weeks globally.  Anyone who has ever been involved with CTAs know that some negotiations can drag on for even longer.  This of course impacts study and site start-up activities which in turn have a real-life impact on patients getting access to clinical trials and needed medicines earlier.

Since there are multiple things or “Villains” contributing to CTA delays, I decided to write a book on the topic (yes, some of us actually enjoy this topic) which will be launched in a few weeks.  In the meantime, I’ve put together a 4-Part video series sharing a few very practical ways you can improve these negotiations within your organization TODAY!

Leave your comments and let us know what are some practical ways that you have dealt with this “Villain” in your organization that has helped streamline CTA negotiations

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