ClinBiz® was founded in 2018 as an innovative educational platform for clinical trial professionals to remain
connected and updated on the latest topics, trends and technologies surrounding the business aspects of clinical trials.
Utilizing a forward-thinking and digital approach, ClinBiz® has been an educational reference to clinical trial
professionals navigating industry pain points surrounding global clinical site and vendor contract negotiations,
fair market value (FMV) issues, outsourcing best practices, vendor contract oversight, clinical trial budgeting and
forecasting, investigator site payments, clinical business operations, among other clinical trial business topics.
ClinBiz has expanded to providing online self-paced educational courses,
niche consulting and an annual conference.

How ClinBiz® Can Help Your Organization

Consulting Services – ClinBiz® Consulting

ClinBiz® provides consulting expertise through a network of subject matter expert partners on the following areas:

  • Global Clinical Trial Agreement (CTA) Strategy, Negotiations and Oversight
  • Clinical Trial Business Operations
  • Investigator Site Budget Development and Negotiations
  • Fair Market Value Process – Strategy and Compliance
  • CRO/Vendor/Ancillary Service Provider Contract Negotiations
  • Global Clinical Trial Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Global Investigator Site Payments – Strategy, Process and Implementation
  • Clinical Development and Regulatory/Commercial Strategy

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Annual In-Person and Virtual Conference – The ClinBiz Summit

The ClinBiz Summit is a one-of-a-kind industry conference that helps attendees connect on the latest topics,
trends and technologies surrounding the business operations aspects of clinical trials. 
The first industry conference you and your teams can attend in person or virtually from your home or
office without incurring travel costs.

Online Self-Paced courses – ClinBiz Masterclass

ClinBiz® Masterclass includes a compilation of online, self-paced courses to help you and your teams
further develop on different topics within clinical trials.

Free Best Practices Videos and Materials: ClinBiz Newsletter

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materials and special offers to help you and your teams more efficiently manage responsibilities within
your roles and organizations.
Additionally, the ClinBiz YouTube channel offers hours of free educational content on the various
topics impacting the business aspects of clinical trials. Topics such as clinical outsourcing, clinical contracts,
clinical trial financial management, clinical business operations and much more are covered on an ongoing basis.

Why ClinBiz®?

Because we live and breathe clinical business topics, we are constantly abreast of the latest and best industry practices.
When you work with ClinBiz®, you get highly skilled and focused expertise on clinical trial business topics –
a true master of this trade.
Contact us today to explore how we can help streamline the business aspects of your clinical trials.

Débora S. Araujo
Founder & CEO

Débora S. Araujo has over a decade of experience in the pharmaceutical industry working and consulting for Fortune 500 companies.  During her time in this industry her special focus has been on the business aspects of clinical trials including: clinical contracting and financial management, clinical outsourcing and CRO/vendor management, global clinical trial budgeting and forecasting, clinical financial analytics and metrics/KPIs, site budget development and negotiations, Fair Market Value (FMV) and global investigator site payments.  She has also utilized her expertise and knowledge to drive practical change in this industry via thought leadership material, conference presentations and consulting engagements.

Débora is also the author of the 2018 #1 New Release book in category on Amazon ‘The Four Villains of Clinical Trial Agreement Delays and How to Defeat Them’, a book currently used across various industry study sponsors and research sites alike to accelerate the negotiation of these types of agreements.


About The ClinBiz Summit

A place where clinical research professionals can connect on the latest topics,
trends and technologies for streamlining the business aspects of clinical trials exploring topics such as:

  • Clinical Trial Outsourcing and Vendor Management
  • Clinical Trial Contracting and Budgeting
  • Clinical Trial Financial Management
  • Clinical Trial Business Operations
  • Accelerating Clinical Trial Star-Up Timelines

In keeping with the ClinBiz non-traditional approach, you can attend in person
or experience the entire conference online via our livestream options. You will not want to miss it. 
To Register go to