The ClinBiz Approach

Many professionals dealing with the business aspects of clinical trials  are unable to attend traditional industry conferences on an ongoing basis to develop their skills and continue to grow in their field.  ClinBiz hopes to bridge this gap by providing a non-traditional format including a YouTube channel, a blog, a podcast, an annual conference and upcoming online courses that will serve as a connection and development tool that clinical business professionals can use to remain on top of the latest trends, topics and technologies related to their trade from virtually anywhere.

Débora S. Araujo

Founder & CEO

Débora S. Araujo has over a decade of experience in the pharmaceutical industry working and consulting for Fortune 500 companies.  During her time in this industry her special focus has been on the business aspects of clinical trials including: clinical contracting and financial management, clinical outsourcing and CRO/vendor management, global clinical trial budgeting and forecasting, clinical financial analytics and metrics/KPIs, site budget development and negotiations, Fair Market Value (FMV) and global investigator site payments.  She has also utilized her expertise and knowledge to drive practical change in this industry via thought leadership material, conference presentations and consulting engagements.

Most recently, Débora’s passion for driving practical change along with her forward thinking bent led her to launch ClinBiz ( to connect professionals on an ongoing basis on the business aspects of clinical trials.

In the beginning of 2018 Débora release her book titled The Four Villains of Clinical Trial Agreement Delays and How to Defeat Them: Addressing CTA Delays Comprehensively. This book is a must-have for professionals looking to add on to their CTA negotiations toolbox!

ClinBiz Summit 2019

A unique conference focused on the latest topics, trends and technologies surrounding clinical outsourcing, clinical contracts and clinical financial management.  Meet top industry experts and experience presentations full of practical takeaways for you to implement in your organization.  In keeping with the ClinBiz non-traditional approach, you can attend in person or experience the entire two-day event online via our livestream options.  Here’s a short video to give a little taste of what you can expect at the ClinBiz Summit taking place on March 13-14, 2019.  You will not want to miss it.  To Register go to